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Day 1     2015/10/1    Thursday

Learn New Things   Start New Tour

I have once dreamed that I was flying over America when I was very young.Now I made it come true.

I'm so glad to be on a trip to America.I will spend two weeks there and live in a host family.But before that,Mom and Dad had helped me ready for things what all I need in two bags.Also they tossed a farewell party for me.We sat together and they told me what should to do and and what mustn't do.But most of the content of our talk are about their encouragement and trust.After exhorting me repeatedly,I went to school to get on a bus to Xi'an Xianyang International Airport.We have to rotate taking plane among Xi'an,Shanghai and Detroit.It's pretty far from Xi'an.

Unfortunately I only saved one photo of the airport:(P1)

Last night it was late to arrive in Detroit.Thank my host family for picking me up.Soon  I fallen asleep.We got up as early as I was in China because we should go to school this morning.The weather there is really cold in the morning.Some American students like us take a school bus to school every day.We got to school very early so I took some photos of outdoor scenes of South Lake School:(P2-P6)

For class,we had math first:

Computer next:

And mandarin last:

Their courses are fixed.After a quick lunch we went to visit Cranbrook Institute of Science with teachers and my friends in the afternoon.It's really interesting and we learned a lot "about us(Us)"(P7-P11)

In the evening my host family took me to watch a match.They call it "American football"

I just felt it's quite cold and wind blowed hard there.I am not too interested in the game.(P12-P14)

We ate a kind of food called "burrito" for dinner.It's not bad but I didn't finish mine.(P15)

Like my friends,I can blend in with American life quickly. I hope everyone will have a happy day.

So bye for now.I have to take a shower!

          P1:You can see my friends on it.

          P2:They were waiting for the school opening.

          P3:South Lake Schools have a very long history.

          P4:They were practicing some math exercises.I think it must be truly easy for Chinese students.

          P5:Maybe they logged into a website to do some research.

          P6:Is that panda very lovely,right?

          P9:It looks very much lifelike!

          P10:We just finished a "curi" and celebrated.

          P11:Different kinds of gems in the showcase.

          P13:It's my first time trying "hot chocolate" It made me warm and comfortable.

        ---the      end---       





Day 2    2015/10/2    Friday


 "That's fine"

 "They are very friendly and don't be shy"Both teachers and my parents said to me.

"That's fine" means "That's all right" "It does not matter".If you make some small mistakes or ask someone for a advice,this answer would be better.

Abdur is a boy of our my host family who has the similar age as me.He is 12 years old and a bit shorter than me.He has the black skin with short curly hair and looks strong.The first night of I arrived in America he and his mother came to pick me up.After a few talks,we will go home and he helped me move my luggage to the car at once.He asked me lots of things about my family,this trip,China,like and dislike on the way home.I answered all these questions smoothly and we are just like two old friends getting together again.

We share one room with two beds.When I got into his room I really want to say"What a mess!", "never mind"he said,"OK I can receive."

Then I sent out my presents,the Terra-Cotta Warriors.They think they are truly great after I introduced them simply."Two for Mom and two for me"Abdur said and he put them on the bookcases and bed tables trimly."It's nice of you!"

I always forget how to open the shower.You know it's different from Chinese.I always ask him to teach me over and over.Once I got up early and wanted to take a shower,unfortunayely I forgot again.I can only asked him for help.When I said sorry to him,he just said"that's fine"and gave me a nice smile.

He alway cares a lot about me although he is younger.And I share the happy things or travel photos with him.We help and learn from each other that is "friendship".

---the end---                                                                                                                     Jack



Day 3    2015/10/3    Saturday


Kid First? Animal First!

          In the past,we Chinese,men and stronger people will forestall others to get the first chance.Chinese say"lady first" after they being entering the civilization.How about other countries likeAmerica?Let's go and have a look!

This morning I went to a park near home with Abdur and his sister.We rode bikes there along the street.There is a big hill there and we climbed on the top of it to take some selfies.Then we played some games in a pleasure ground in the center of the park.

After that,we rode around the park for two circles.We had a lot of fun in the morning.

In the residential inAmerica,each house has their own yard with many nice things:like some old maples,bonsai,festival decorations,chairs and tables for teatime and a flat lawn:(P1-P3)

It was for lunch we had to leave and go back home.Because the park is kind of far,on the way home we had to cross some crossroads and wait for the green light.In some small T-junctions,there are no traffic lights around there.I think we will cross the road when there aren't some cars on the road.Rather to my surprise,when we are on the verge of getting to the crossing,all the cars stop going and wait for we crossing.No one  whistles aloud.Although I ask them first,they still wait there with a smile.

Abdur and his sister went ahead and I next.I saw many different kinds of squirrels in different colors.I was so surprised to see them because it's very hard to meet in China but in the zoo.Abdur said that they are very common just like homeless dogs in China.(P4)

When we were talking about animals in America,I saw a small squirrel is looking for food on the road.It's very dangerous for it because Abdur's sister was riding behind it and it seemed she didn't mind it.I think the squirrel will be over.But to my surprise again,she stopped her bike keep it away and said"Oh,this way,kiddy!"and then the squirrel ran away."What a cute guy!"she said.

Why when we say "lady first" they tell "animal first"?Because they are weaker?I don't think so.You can find that they aren't busy with anything all day.They have time to experience the life,take part in the life,enjoy the life and be loved in life.


Day 4    2015/10/4    Sunday


"We love each other"

          Parents are always on your side.But you know American parents are very dedicated and work a lot on workdays.What is kind of their quality time in free time?Are they deep in loving each other?

Abdur has a younger sister,Samiyah,and a elder brother,Jibreel.Samiyah is a funny and cute girl.She has a round face and a blonde hair.She enjoys eating.She always uses some humorous words to make us laugh.Jibreel is a tall and smart boy.He is a football player in his school.He has a very cool hairstyle.And he has a pretty girlfriend,Hilary.

I call their fatherMeccafor short.He is humorous,too.We often talk about our lives of my country and his.Their mother's name is Kim.She helps me a lot and very friendly.

Abdur and Samiyah are good friends in the family.Sometimes they talk about something funny,sometimes they play in the backyard.Jibreel is not too interested in playing with two little guys.He always stays in his room and play games alone.

I think there were some differences between the own style of their parents and Chinese.American parents initiate children to simply own up to their mistakes and recognize.They never hold a wrong although you are very young.

This afternoon we went to Sky Zone to have fun.Their are many kinds of games there and we met a lot of children.(P1)

After that,we bought a lot of stuff for making a big dinner after we come back home.In America,at any rate in our host family,we will hold a big dinner once a weekend.Because everyone is free and they have time to be at home at the end of a week.All the family members got together around a big dinning table.But before eating,all of us need to bow our heads and be grateful for the meal hand in hand.Then Mom put a pot of rice into each bowl for us.Also we had some delicous sushi.At the same time,we talked about hebdomadal activities,work and study,something interesting,what we should prepare for next week and so on.It's a good time to relax and we laugh a lot.Dad gave all of us a very hot hug and said to me "We love each other,like you and your family.We never forget that."Soon Mecca's cousins came to take part in the party.We sang and danced for a long time up to late at night and terminated a nice week.

I think to hold a weekly family party is very important and meaningful for promoting the affection between family members and exchange ideas with others.Share your happiness and what you want to say to your family with them in a family party,right now!


Day 5    2015/10/5    Monday


A School Day of a American Student ( 1 )


          You may hear American style classes.Have you ever take part in their classes?If you do,I'am sure you will say"enjoyable!"

A new week began with a pleasant day.Except today's field trip,we'll have classes at school whole morning.I mentioned their daily schedule before.They have 6 subjects a day,3 inmorning and3 inafternoon.After school they have many kinds of funny extracurricular activities at school,a gym,a playground or some other places.The activities held by individual or school.South Lake School has a great football team.Abdur and his brother are two of the team.They practice every afternoon for almost 3 hours.Regular they will have a match with a team from the other school.

Also it has some other clubs like girls' basketball and cheerleading team.Each student has their own hobby.(P1)

As for a day at school,it's full but interesting.Gate opens at around 7:30.You can drive or take school bus to school.One class is about one hour and the break time is for 10 minutes.They don't have morning reading.When the class bell is ringing,every student goes to the classroom which the subject he needs to learn.Different course has different classroom.The teacher's office is the classroom what the course he teaches.

How could it be possible!When I saw the math exercises for fifth-grade studentsI even couldn't believe that.They just like a piece of cake for me because we Chinese students practice them in the third-grade.(Abdur is in Grade 5)I finished them in 3 minutes however no one has finished in the classroom.I asked him if the teacher taught how to do but he said no.Then I knew they learn it by themselves.Up to the class was over,Abdur didn't finish it yet.He said it could be for homework.The next day when I finished another tests but he still keep doing those exercises what he did yesterday.But they are not difficult at all.I tried to teach him how to use the formula.He seemed to understand.A few minutes later,he couldn't finish it as well.(P2)

Even more astonishing was teacher didn't keep order in his class.I found some students use their mobile phones and some speak aloud in class.What's more,many students  didn't sit on their seats and visit others.I can't help thinking of Chinese teachers.Can they stand these behaviors?


Day 6    2015/10/6    Tuesday


A School Day of a American Student ( 2 )

          Math is easy!The other two subjects are also interesting!

After math we went to information technology class.It's very chaos in the classroom before class beginning.Until the teacher came into the classroom,everyone stopped shouting,running and backed to their seats without making a noise.The teacher wrote down today's task on the blackboard.Each student has their own ID and the password(It matches for the school ID)They signed in computers with them.Then they followed the task to answers some questions on computers easily.If someone finishes the task,he can do what you want to on the Internet.I didn't have any work so I sat by Abdur and watched he play games.The teacher asked me some questions about this trip in a kind voice.And she said that I am very cute(^-^).(P1)

The last class is mandarin.I know there are only few schools has this subject this city.Mrs Liang is their teacher.She has a warm heart and she is happy to help others.She held a welcome party for our exchange students and teachers.We introduced ourselves and our lead teacher Mr Shi explained Chinese surname culture to the American students.I found they are interested in it.Even some of them have a Chinese name.They said they make it with help of Teacher Fang.

They learn how to greet people first as we learn English.Such as "good morning"and"hello".Abdur can say"Hello,I love noodles!"in Chinese fluently.However,I found quite a few of them had serious problems in hand-writing.They can't write down a sentence in a line.I said to one of them that it's necessary to improve yours and he said"never mind."

The teacher is giving lessons and at the same time I walk around the classroom and found something with Chinese cultural characteristics.I am proud of Chinese culture has gone into the thick of the lives of American students.I wish Chinese culture will be all over the world one day.(P2-P4)

They also have the other three classes in the afternoon.But we have no chance to experience them.I think they must be very interesting as well!A school day of a American student has finished.I spent a meaningful time with American students at school.


Day 7    2015/10/7    Wednesday


Shopping Time!

          Today I bought a lot of funny things,come and have a look!

Yesterday when we heard are planing to shopping mall,all of us really expected that.We chatted up late to discuss about the things we need to buy and some of us wrote down their lists.

On the next morning,we achieve what our wishes and arrived at Great Lake Crossing Shopping Mall. The first thing to catch our sight is the style of the mall's own.You can see many special decorates and be affected by the atmosphere of wild nature exactly.Because most of the things they sold are about outdoor camping equipment.(P1-P3)

Then we went separately.First I found a game shop.I'm very mad computer games.Its name is Game Stop.Later I knew it's popular with American.My host family has many games from Game Stop.Everything in the shop seduced me a lot.I found something different from Chinese games.And they also have higher price.However it's diffcult for me to reject them.After a few minutes I finished walking around and pick something tyical.I can't help paying for them.My favorite is a diamond sword from game Minecraft.Zhai almost bought one,too.

Actually we all need to buy presents for our family and parents.It's the first time I buy them soucenir by myself.So I have to think over what different people like and division of limited money.At first because  of my use without thinking about,I gave out all my money.Then I have to borrow money from others.Thanks to my helpful friends,finally I finished my shopping plan.In the afternoon we returned back with the Elixir happily.

          P1:Do you believe all of the adornments are real!

          P3:This rockery is very lifelike and full of fun.

---the end---                                                                                                                    Jack